Get to know Me!

Hello all,

Welcome to my page! It is here where you will get to see my personal travels and various fashion styles. First and foremost let me introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle and I am a 27 year old Blogger, Traveler, Food lover and Fashion inspired individual from New York City. I look forward to sharing my world adventures with you all in hopes that I inspire you to get out and GO! You only live once right? So why not get up and see what the world has to offer? Don’t let life pass you by waiting for others to see what is out there. You will never go if your waiting on friends, sometimes it is best to just get out and explore on your own! I have been actively traveling around the states for quite some time now, taking on some of the best cities here such as: New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta & Washington DC. Not to mention some of the smaller cities that I have lived in like Virginia and a small town in Georgia. My passion for traveling has continued to grow and now that I have my passport I have decided to take my ventures to a whole new level. What is even better is that unlike my previous travels here in the states, I will be documenting and taking you all along with me on my journey around the globe! –To travel is to embrace the unknown C360_2017-05-21-20-38-01-599.jpg

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