National Museum of African American History & Culture

Hello all!

Today was both educational and amazing! Since the grand opening of the National Museum, I have been trying to obtain passes. Let me say they are not very easy to get. During the week you may get a one day pass starting at 1pm. My friend and I decided to go this route.

So we set out on our journey hoping to get there no later than 12pm to assure that we received tickets. Welp, due to unexpected traffic things didn’t go as planned and we ended up arriving at 1:30. I was so nervous thinking that we would not be able to get in. We ended up walking up to the long line that looked like it would take us about an additional 30 mins before we could enter. At this point I was definitely frustrated because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see this amazing museum. Not even five minutes later, a woman walked up to us and told us she had four additional tickets to spare and to walk in with her…..Can we say HALLELUJAH! So we walked in with her and  two others that she had given tickets.


Lets get into this pyramid like designed building! Although it was a gloomy and rainy day, I was still able to capture the beauty of the architecture.The museum is absolutely stunning, and if you think you are going to cover all ground within one day, trust me you won’t! You will enjoy it most when you set out to explore first thing in the morning.



The museum takes you from the 15th century up until today. Once you enter, I recommend taking the escalator to the bottom level where you will begin your journey. While strolling and reading, my friend and I realized that we were just taught a fraction of our history. This saddened me! I had no idea that my history was so rich! It was rather overwhelming and emotional at the same time. This place attracts multi racial and multi cultural visitors. I highly recommend visiting, put this on your bucket list 🙂 Below are some photos that I captured while there.



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