Paris Post: Part 2

Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed part one of my travel adventures, there is so much more to share! It began to get a little colder than I expected, but it was okay because I was in Paris! Not to mention, I met the rest of my roommates who came from all over the world. One was from Tokyo, another Norway, Seoul Korea, and San Francisco. Interacting with the women and learning about their culture was like breathing in a whole new world. It was amazing! We also enjoyed a traditional French dinner together!

Day 3 April 26th

 Once dressed I went downstairs for breakfast and to chat with my waiter Matthew. We became friends as he began to tell me the ins and outs of Paris and the places I should check out while there. I then found myself downstairs every morning as I enjoyed talking with him, plus he made my coffee exactly how I liked 🙂 On this day I explored an area called Montmare, which is known for its artistic history. Towards the 20th century many famous artist worked here, and as of today you will find many local painters all around flooding the streets.

Sacre Coeur

20180504_2033266600420782682973913.jpgThis is the Roman Catholic church built on the very top of the hill in Montmare. Make your way to the top and get a great view of Paris. There were many tourist and lots of stairs, but the breath-taking view was much worth it. 🙂


c360_2018-05-05-12-27-57-1546367553116200326282.jpg While walking, I was immediately swept away into a historic time era. It felt much like the Village in NYC! The streets were filled with cobblestone. There were talented artists everywhere, willing to paint your portrait for a fee. I got lost in the little town and simply loved it. There were restaurants, crepes, and chocolate shops every where! Below are pictures of some of my favorite scenes.

The Trolley


Beautiful homes, Antique Galleries, Cafe’s

Artist and their paintings

La Maison Rose

20180505_1514495802401681812388177.jpgLa Maison Rose Café is one of the most photographed locations in Montmare. It is known for its beautiful pastel colors. You will see tons of people flocking to this pink café to take a photo. It is absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching.

Fun Fact: Pablo Picasso was a regular here long ago 🙂

Le Crepe

20180505_1540398556916220961022633.jpgStrolling the cobblestone streets, I decided to try my first Crepe from one of the nearby stands. I chose the Nutella chocolate and it was delicious! This is a traditional food in Paris and you must try!

Homeless on the Canal

20180505_1621094411830353195762308.jpgAfter leaving a fun-filled day in Montmare I made my way back to the hostel. I walked pass the canal and discovered that there was a tremendous amount of homeless people in tents. This is a part of Paris that is unseen. I was more than shocked to learn that there is such a large amount of homeless people there.

Meet one of my Roommates

20180505_1619401361448293881129227.jpgIt was now time for dinner with my roommate Sarah who was also a solo traveler from Korea. We decided to try a restaurant called La Rotonde. Arriving in the same colors we sat and admired the beautiful decor. Our waiter came promptly and assisted us with any questions we had.


20180505_1620034512973585858074367.jpgI tried the Escargot (six burgundy snails) for an appetizer. This is a traditional food in Paris and it was flavored with a butter garlic sauce. It was a tad bit bland but I squeezed lemon over it to give it more of a zesty flavor and it was delicious. Make sure to try when you visit 🙂

Day 4: April 27th

I woke up around 11am, showered and got dressed, straightened my hair, and went downstairs for my afternoon coffee. Matthew was there again so I made my way over and we talked for a bit before I started my day.

Rue Cremiux 


My first stop was to a small street by the name of Rue Cremieux. It is a hidden gem in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. I wanted to admire the beautiful pastel colored homes and take a few photos. With minimal tourist this part of Paris was quite enjoyable. Below are a few photos that are my favorite 🙂

Arc de Triomphe 

20180505_1844448923688664442327105.jpg  This monument is one of the most famous in Paris, and honors those who fought and died in the French Revolutionary war. It therefore attracts many tourist. It’s even more gigantic in person allowing you to go to the very top for a view of the city. Located at the western end of the Champs Elysees, once you are finished, you can walk straight down to shop or to have lunch.  As the dark clouds began to form, I admired the monument and quickly took photos.

Along the Champs Elysees 

The  rain came but it didn’t stop me. I opened my umbrella and began to walk down the Champs Elysees. It is known for its luxurious stores and cafe’s. I admired everything in sight, and walked in and out of stores until I worked up an appetite.

Cafe George V


With so many choices available, I decided to stop inside Cafe George V to have a bite to eat. I asked for a recommendation and went with the Pesto Pasta. While eating I caught up on emails and soon after made way back to my hostel.

Day 5 click here  Versailles Day Trip


Day 7 April 30th

The weather on Day 6 kept me from adventuring too far, so I stayed local. My last morning in Paris was bittersweet. I missed home but I was not ready to leave just yet. I woke up early to finish packing my belongings then went downstairs for breakfast. The hostel had lockers available for my baggage so I explored the city for a few hours.

(Hostel Room View)


Notre Dame Cathedral

20180508_0432411888942002664980862.jpgWith still half a day to spare before my flight I made way to the Notre Dame. It’s gothic inspired architecture is simply eye-catching and outstanding! The cathedral is known for being one of the largest catholic churches in the world. There is no admission fee to enter and the lines moved pretty quickly. I can say it was definitely worth seeing 🙂


Traveling solo has been more than rewarding, I had such a great time and met so many new friends. From the streets of Paris, the gardens including Luxembourg, the warm buttery croissants, the sumptuous cheese and the Seine River all in all Paris has left an indelible mark on me.  I hope that you all enjoyed this leg of my journey with so much more to come. Au Revoir!

Advice for future travelers:

 Please make sure to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when using the metro. There are a lot of pick pockets preying on tourist. Two of my roommates were unfortunately targeted and their wallet and phone were stolen. It can be daunting but as long as you take safety precautions then you will enjoy your time here. I also recommend that you research business hours for all restaurants, I was unaware that everything closes at certain hours therefore leaving me out of luck a few times.




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