Arriving in Madrid

Hey there!

If you read my previous post about my trip to Paris, then you should be wondering how did I end up in Madrid? Well it’s quite simple actually, I had two long layovers going and coming. One was seven hours and the other 17 which allowed me to leave the airport and stay overnight. My first layover I spent about an hour and a half getting out of the airport but once leaving, I was directed to the metro that took me to the city center. I now had five hours of free time. Immediately once exiting the train station, I hopped on my tour bus that I booked the day before. This bus tour cost $24 and was well worth it! It stopped at 37 sites and even provided headphones to learn about each destination. Below are places that I visited and a few of my favorite pictures.



I stayed at Axor Feria for $87 and it was within close proximity of the airport. Hotel shuttle was available on site and checkout was at 12pm which I liked. Not that I was going to take advantage of sleeping in late, but it was a nice option to have. The hotel was beautiful and I absolutely loved it! The staff spoke English and helped me with all questions in regard to airport pickup and touring the city center. My room was very spacious and the bathroom was amazing!!! For the price it was definitely a steal. Not to mention, I ate at the hotel restaurant having a huge steak and potatoes that was only $23.




 Hop on Hop off city bus tour views


Royal Palace (Home of the Spanish royal family)


Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish writer) monument located in Spanish square


I then made way to Mercado de San Miguel, a local market to try some authentic Tapas  (Salmon with Dill pickle sauce, Cod fish with Tomato, Octopus with Paprika)


I highly recommend this market for traditional eats. They have so much to offer that you can spend hours tasting everything.


Spring time


Templo de Debod (ancient Egyptian temple that was removed and rebuilt in Madrid)


Beautiful pastel colored homes


Metro Train Station

Lunch at La Lonja


Salmon and Guacamole


Cured Meat with crackers


Lunch was delightful! I also ordered mussels that tasted as if they were hand picked right from the ocean. Everything was so fresh and mouth watering. For a last minute place to eat, I am glad that I had the pleasure of trying La Lonja. It is also located in walking distance of the Royal Palace.

Old school classic cars


I walked inside of a Mc Donalds to use the Wifi and was instantly surprised to see quite the selection Madrid has to offer in their dessert section. That was pretty awesome!


Beautiful architecture


Overall this trip was amazing! Although I was not able to understand the metro system much nor the language, I definitely plan to return back to Madrid for much longer than just a layover. It is truly a beautiful city with so many sites to see and many food options to choose from. If you ever have the chance put this on your bucket list. When we think of long layovers it can be daunting, but why not take advantage of seeing another city while in route to your destination. That makes it a two in one trip and well worth it 🙂





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