Put your best foot forward and step in style with a casual chic look. While strolling Rodeo drive, I found this location where there are luxury designer stores, and this beautiful cobblestone that I thought would make an excellent photo for my look of the day. Here is what I wore to achieve this affordable causal look:

Top: Uniqlo

Pants: Gap

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Cole Haan


One of my favorite Oxford shoes of 2017 are my brown basket weave ColeHaan’s. Super Chic and stylish for an on the go look! If you live in a city that requires a lot of walking, I highly recommend to get the taps put on the sole to protect from wear.


Arriving in Paris fashion forward! Here are a few of my favorite Chic and Trendy styles. My inspiration behind these looks were all Parisian inspired. Here are a few of my favorite:

Hat: Asos

Shades: Local Stand

Top: Uniqlo

Jumpsuit: Zara

Shoes: Stuart Weitzlman


Hat: Asos

Outfit: Zara + Shoes

Bag: Ralph Lauren



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