Arriving in Madrid

Hey there! If you read my previous post about my trip to Paris, then you should be wondering how did I end up in Madrid? Well it’s quite simple actually, I had two long layovers going and coming. One was seven hours and the other 17 which allowed me to leave the airport and stay…

Versailles Day Trip

Day 5: April 28th Today was the day I explored outside of Paris, I decided to take a trip to visit Versailles, France. It’s about an hour commute by train and totally worth the ride if you want to escape the busy city. The weather was again gloomy and cold but that didn’t stop me…

Paris Post: Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed part one of my travel adventures, there is so much more to share! It began to get a little colder than I expected, but it was okay because I was in Paris! Not to mention, I met the rest of my roommates who came from all over the world….

National Museum of African American History & Culture

Hello all! Today was both educational and amazing! Since the grand opening of the National Museum, I have been trying to obtain passes. Let me say they are not very easy to get. During the week you may get a one day pass starting at 1pm. My friend and I decided to go this route….