Los Angeles

LA is my second favorite city! In fact years back I use to live there, so I am rather familar. Down below I will be sharing with you some of my favorite places to go and things to do while visiting! The amount of places that I can list are endless but here are the few that I truly enjoy and happen to be budget friendly as well.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center is a MUST SEE when visiting LA. My first time going was April 2017 and I must say I absolutely enjoyed myself. Make sure you go early so you can see everything in a timely manner. They have tours available to take you along as well as this gorgeous garden that I shot. There is even a Tram that takes you to the very top so you are able to get the best views of the city, while in route to the center. Food and Drinks are also available for purchase!     


Malibu Hills 

Malibu! Nothing beats taking a day away from the city and just driving up to the hills. I normally go just so I can take beautiful photos and appreciate the scenery. On a warm day it is great to go and have a picnic. This was about a few years back in 2015 and I remember going to a Malibu Winery! Although I am not a wine drinker, I enjoyed just taking it all in as well as the beautiful weather 🙂


Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive! Known for its most luxurious designer stores and as seen in movies. This strip offers a wide variety for luxury shoppers. This can be enjoyable even if you are not shopping and just browsing around. I still recommend to visit because they have places to eat as well as areas to take great photos! Check out my Fashion tab to see my full outfit while here.


Santa Monica 

Santa Monica is great for a two hour stroll along the beach or pier walk. You can even find awesome restaurants in the area. About three years ago I was able to capture the sunset at its most beautiful hour. It was kind of breezy so my suggestion is to bring a light jacket to keep you warm since you are so close to the water.


The Grove 

The Grove! When I lived in Los Angeles, The Grove was fairly new and didn’t have as nearly the number of stores that they have now. In fact back then it was just a farmers market. It has grown so much over time and better than ever. The Grove has a number of stores from high end to low end and is enjoyable for all kinds of shoppers. While shopping, take a break and catch the free Trolly around that gives you a tour.


 Runyon Canyon 


Runyon Canyon is a well known park in Los Angeles for hiking. Once you hit the top the view is simply rewarding. Set a day and allow about three hours to explore and enjoy the magnificent views of  scenery. I came here in April 2017 with friends and I must say this trail is most enjoyable in the early part of the day. As most hikers do, come prepared with bottled water 🙂


Beverly Hills 


Beverly Hills! Spend an hour just driving (or park if you please) and admire some of the beautiful homes as well as the palm trees. Right next to the Beverly Hills Hotel there is a street where you can take the most beautiful photos. The architectural home designs are phenomenal and is worth heading over to view:) In fact its within distance of Rodeo Drive mentioned above.


Recommended Places to Eat: 

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I know what you are thinking! who eats chicken and waffles? I actually thought the same long ago. You can not come to LA without going to Roscoe’s. This is by far my favorite soul food restaurant. I normally order the Obama special which is what I have displayed below. Good eats for an incredible price, and not to mention its only an 8 minute drive from the airport 🙂



Nobu Malibu. I highly recommend coming to Nobu when in LA! my overall experience was AMAZING! From the gorgeous views looking over the ocean to the fine delicacy that they offer.The sushi was to die for! My favorite tasting was the Sashimi (displayed above) which is a small appetizer with the best flavors to ever hit my tastebuds! Nobu is a prestigious restaurant offering fine dining, so be prepared when booking tables fill very fast and the food can cost you quite a penny (or a few I’ll say) lol.


Catch. What an awesome place to go and grab brunch! Once again, above I ordered Sashimi as an appetizer. I am a sushi lover 🙂 The decor of the restaurant is absolutely stunning and is great for the perfect instagram photo while walking in. This is also a prestigious restaurant but well worth the money! Book ahead of time because depending on when you go the weekend may be unavailable.


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