Versailles Day Trip

Day 5: April 28th

Today was the day I explored outside of Paris, I decided to take a trip to visit Versailles, France. It’s about an hour commute by train and totally worth the ride if you want to escape the busy city. The weather was again gloomy and cold but that didn’t stop me from exploring one bit! I wanted to make the most of my days.

Arriving in Versailles


The streets of Versailles were absolutely breath-taking! I loved the old historic feel that it gave me while walking. The surroundings on the way to the Palace were delightfully distracting and I was very intrigued. This town took me back in time.

Royal Chateau


I made my way to the Palace paying 29 Euros for admission to the entire estate. This included access to the Palace, the Gardens, and the Park. The outside gates of the palace were enriched with gold and they were beautiful. It dates back to the 17th century when the French revolution forced Louis XVI to flee Versailles. Today it is open to tourists as a popular museum attraction. It holds a total of 2,300 rooms with several sections. Here are a few below

Hall of Mirrors

(Pays tribute to the economic and artistic success of France)

The Hall of Plenty

(Served as a refreshment room)


Madame Victoire’s Library



It was now time for a snack at Laduree, they are known for their most delicious macaroons. While there are many flavors to choose from, my absolute favorite was the Rose. This location is inside of the Chateau but there is also one on the Champs Elyees that is out of this world! Just walking inside and seeing the beautiful ambience was an experience alone. This is a must try while in Paris.

The Gardens


The Versailles Garden was one to remember! I was completely blown away at how well put together the landscaping was. Even though it was a cool day, I was able to spend a good amount of time admiring and learning the history behind the work. The garden was so huge that it could take you well over three hours to fully complete. There was even places to purchase food and have lunch while walking, as well as mini golf cars to take you to each section in the garden. Prepare to wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing plenty of walking. Below are just a few of my favorite photos.






At the end of walking through each section of the garden, I set way to see the musical fountain show. It was magnificent and left me speechless. Visiting the Versailles Palace is something I would recommend doing first thing in the morning so that you have time to see everything. I also recommend purchasing the “skip the line tickets” in advance, you can end up standing in the general admission line for at least an hour and a half. Overall, I really loved the experience and it is definitely worth coming back.

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